Our Services

Ascertainment Marketing's Services Include Any or All Of the Following

Creation of media plan based on short or long term marketing objectives.

Planning, negotiating, scheduling and purchasing of media buys.

All buying decisions incorporate all other quantitative and qualitative research resources available.

All buys include detailed flowcharts and budgets reflecting programs, positions, websites, number of ads, spots or impressions, monthly budgets, etc.

Based on available budget parameters, recommendations are made as to start/end dates, monthly flighting methods, target goals, synergy, weighting, strategies for cost-efficiencies, online offerings and CPM/CPC goals.

All media sponsorship and partnership availabilities are continually analyzed. Those that tie in with the client’s objectives are discussed in an open forum and decisions are made jointly.

Confirmation of all media contracts.

Ascertainment Marketing checks all affidavits, tear sheets, etc. and negotiates credits or makegoods as necessary.

Please consider Ascertainment Marketing for all your media needs.